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Something to love-Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub (Review)

Posted by Felicia Thursday, December 9, 2010, under , , | 2 comments

I don't think I have ever told you before, but I have dangerously dry skin. Okay, maybe not "dangerously", but it is VERY dry and every winter I battle cracked skin and painful feet when I walk. I have always been this way to the point where my mom would toss me in an oatmeal bath to soften my skin and then douse me in baby oil. I thought this was the only relief I would ever find for my horrid skin. I had tried just smothering myself in just about every kind of lotion but it was always a temporary fix, never lasting long at all. Within a few hours I would be itching all over from how dry I am. Yes, I am bad and do not drink enough water, but I really do try. It does not seem to make a difference.

I have also tried salt scrubs. I have just one word to share: OUCH! With my already cracking skin, salt does not a healed wound make feel good. Also, avoid right after shaving - YOUCH!

So, a few years ago I was in Bath and Body Works and happened across a new smell I likes "Eucalyptus Spearmint". I mean I really liked it, LOVED it. It was so awakening and just smelled so good. Really good when you are sick too--opens those sinuses right up! Okay, off topic. :) I also saw a sugar scrub in this scent and thought, why not. Surely it can't feel worse than the salt, right? Oh, let me tell you, it was heaven on my skin! I used it after a shower and it has oil and the sugar scrub in it so not only does it scrub that nasty flaky skin away but it also covers me with oil to lock moisture in. When I use this it lasts me all day and when I put lotion on after wards, it lasts even longer. The smell is so exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. I absolutely adore it and if they ever stop selling it I will be so lost!

There are a few cons to be aware of when using it though.
1. It WILL make your tub slippery if you are not careful- it is OIL after all and we all know oil and water do not mix. Be sure to rinse well and step carefully!
2. Beware of ants! Ants had a field day in my tub one summer because I did not properly rinse it all off-that was fun!

If you are like me at all and don't mind having the oil on your skin, I would HIGHLY recommend it. This scrub works wonders for me and I look forward to using it every time! It is a bit pricey(and they also recently made the jar smaller), but it is worth it and I always spread it out to last me a long time.

They also have lots of other scents to check out.

Go for it and give it a try!

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Felicia Wednesday, December 8, 2010, under | 0 comments

Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far!

I have to say Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year! All of our homes become even more warm and inviting than they are the rest of the year with our home cooking, lit Christmas trees and the joy everyone is feeling inside as we all become kids again. Our children lighting up at the mention of Santa Claus and asking how many more days till Christmas. Singing Christmas carols in the car and at home and my 2 yr old learning some of the words for the first time. You should hear her sing the Chipmunks Christmas Song-it's adorable! All the hustle and bustle at stores just make me smile and for some reason even long lines to checkout don't seem to bother me like they normally do.

When I am home I actively search for any shows on television that mention and celebrate Christmas. This year I have seen Jingle All The Way 3 times and it never gets old, even with it's cheesy parts and when it comes to our favorite movies to watch at Christmas? Why I would have to say Home Alone 1 & 2 are MUSTS every year!

We search out anything that will teach our children the meaning of Christmas, which for us means we read about Christ's birth and explain it as best possible to our little ones. Telling them how we are celebrating Jesus' Birthday and how he also was brought gifts on this day. It just means so much to me to share all of those things with my children.

As much as I look forward to Christmas I also get drawn into the thought of AFTER Christmas, when everything goes back to the mundane and Christmas is a year away. The cold dreary weather seems so much more bearable with the Christmas lights glinting in the snow and knowing our celebration is right around the corner. In January I almost get depressed knowing it will be cold and dreary for another 3 months AT LEAST! But, I make it through every year, just like the year before. Enjoying time inside with my kids, warm cups of cocoa and board games will still put a smile on my face. :)

I have to say, as much as I can't WAIT for Christmas to get here, I almost wish it would hold off for just a little longer-so I can enjoy the season just a few extra days!

How do all of you celebrate the season?