CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Review

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As a BzzAgent, I have recently had the great opportunity to test out the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain thanks to By signing up with BzzAgent they allow you to complete a few surveys to qualify for BzzCampaigns, which are word-of-mouth programs that allow you to test-drive new products (sometimes before they are available in stores!). When you sign up for a campaign you will usually receive a free product in the mail to try out for yourself . Then you can talk about the product with friends and family ("spread the Bzz") and you are able to influence the companies when you report back to the hive.

My latest BzzCampaign is the CoverGirl OutlastLipstain in Everbloom Kiss. Here are a few of the features listed in my BzzGuide that was sent along with the product:

*It is non-transferable, so it won't rub off, smudge or budge

*Lightweight--in fact, it feels up to five times lighter than regular lipstick.

*Created to provide lasting color

*Made with a precision marker tip for easy and exact application

*Water-based(not alcohol-based), so it won't dry out your lips

*Contains lip conditioners, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid

*Infused with a light raspberry-vanilla scent and flavor

*Packaged and displayed for simple, accurate shade matching

*One of the first lipstains in marker form found at all mass retailers, food and drug stores

*Suggested retail 7.29 (compare that to a department store lipstain)

*Available in 10 colors-Everbloom Kiss, Bit of Blossom, Berry Smooch, Teasing Blush, Sassy Mauve, Plum Pout, Coy Coral, Wild Berry Wink, Flirty Nude, and Cinnamon Smile.

After using it numerous times--here are my thoughts on this innovative product and whether it stands up to its claims:

* It is definitely non-transferable--something my husband, kids and I appreciate-no lipstick kisses all over those cheeks. =) I have tested it and it does not transfer to anything!

*It is VERY lightweight--in fact that is my favorite feature. It feels like I am wearing nothing at all, and yet I know that I am and it makes me feel very feminine without thinking it might look "cakey"

*My only complaint-I don't feel like the name "Outlast" fits this lipstain. The color is wonderful when it goes on, but doesn't seem to last more than a few hours on me. I have been conditioning my lips before and in between, but the color just seems to fade to soon and I find myself re-applying.

*I LOVE that it is water-based! I can feel the difference in my lips when I use it and I can tell that they are more conditioned than they are with other lip products I have used.

*The smell and taste of the lipstain go hand-in-hand and I love it. I hate the crayon smell and wax taste I find with regular lipstick, so this is a pleasant surprise. It makes it fun to lick my lips. Maybe that is why it doesn't last as long on me?

*I wasn't too sure about the marker shape that it comes in. It is a bit strange, at first, to feel like you are literally drawing on your lips and coloring them. After using the lipstain a few times I was used to it and now I welcome the ease of applying it with precision. It is so easy to stay in your lip lines because of how small and perfect the tip of the marker is.

My Final thoughts:

This is a great new makeup tool that I will keep using and I can't wait to check out the other 9 colors that are available. It is very easy to apply, lightweight, tasty, and best of all kiss-proof! The only thing that I would change is making it last a bit longer, but hey it is so fun to apply that it just isn't that big of a deal. I am definitely sold on the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain and would recommend it to anyone I know!

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