HELP: I need organization!

Posted by Felicia Friday, April 16, 2010, under | 8 comments

So, our bedroom is pretty small. By small I mean, we have way too much stuff in it and just enough room left to walk around the bed and climb in, if you are lucky enough not to trip on toys my 3 yr old left on the floor. :) We have a HUGE entertainment center with too much stuff piled on it, which takes up WAAAAY too much space. There are two desks with computers, a treadmill, dresser, nightstands and two bookshelves. Something HAS to give!!! It is just so cramped plus I have my scrapbooking and coupons in a pile on the floor. I am starting to feel so disorganized, something that I try to pride myself in NOT being, lol. I won't say I am the most organized person, but clutter REALLY gets to me and when I get to a certain point, I BLOW!

Well, here I am. Something has to give, but what? Yeah, I need to go through some of my stuff and probably donate to Goodwill and give some to friends(like they want my junk, lol), but after that we just have too much in this tiny space. So, I think about the treadmill. We use that on a pretty regular basis and don't have room in any other place in our home. The garage is not an option because it just gets TOO hot out there. It has to stay put. So, how about the book shelves or dresser? Again no room in any of the other rooms. I think my only option is to downsize and my eyes have zoned in on what HAS to go...the entertainment center. It is absolutely huge and old and just takes up way too much space. Bad thing is that it is also storing all of our media items, so I will have to replace it somehow. I have already searched around online and found a couple options, but so far I think a corner tv stand would work best. If I can get it in the corner it will take up less space and not be so bulky, which would be great! We will have a place to put all of our movies, satellite, and game systems, which would be perfect. Plus, since we have our TV mounted on the wall, I can use the top of the center for storage as well!

Bad thing is I would still have to move things around and get rid of some "stuff", but I think changing that out will really help. I DREAD moving all those DVD and VHS's not to mention all the cords that go with my husband's gaming systems, ugh. I am sure everything is going to need a good scrub-down as's going to be a "project". :)

Do any of you have any great tips on getting organized in your home, in small spaces, for cheap? I hate the idea of a bunch of boxes sitting around filled with "stuff". I am actually thinking about whether or not I can mount stuff on the wall! LOL

After I hit my bedroom, I am going to need to move on to the kitchen, it's getting scary in there!

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  1. Eva Says:

    I had to go vertical, even the tv is mounted on the wall to reduce footprints. For media storage, it's hidden away and anything needed on a regular basis has been put into the network and accessible from a PC.

    Beyond that, I'm thinking it's going to take a fire.

  1. Doodle741 Says:

    I think your room sounds an awful lot like mine! LOL!

    We have a window seat (it does not open, but I'd love to have the space if we could make it that way) and bought some inexpensive shevles, stacked them and put them on either side of the window. It's not pretty, but it sure helps with space!

    We rent, so it's not like we can do anything we want. (Looking for a house now!)

    Good luck!

  1. Renee L. Says:

    Well, let's see. I watch enough of those home improvement shows and you'd think this would be a snap for me to answer. lol Not so. I've been sitting here trying to think of something clever and it's just not there. Only thing I could come up with would be to utilize the space under your bed (if there is space) with some sort of containers for your scrap booking. Most of those items wouldn't require a tall storage bin and would fit well flat under the bed.

    Oh? Do you have to have all your gaming systems out at once? Only having one out at a time would help too. This reduces the cords, games and system clutter in a snap. Cords are my nemesis, so I'm all about getting rid of or hiding those!

    Not too much help, but it could be a start! :) Good luck!

  1. ohhhfire Says:

    i dont have many tips, but i do have mounds of things i need organized too so i look forward to seeing other peoples tips!

  1. Lisa Says:

    I don't know if you have an Ikea close to you or not, but they have some great items for storage for not a lot of money! Also, if you go into any appliance store they will have those cord grabbers (plastic cord hiders) that you can attach to the wall!
    Also, I have a giveaway listed on my blog that can help with orgainization! You will have to check it out!
    Have a great evening, and I hope things go well in your room!

  1. Audra Says:

    Ugh - I get so excited about organizing, get things organized, then don't keep up with it!

    My biggest tip is to PURGE! I think of how little we really NEED. Could you purge from the closets and put a dresser or shelves in there?

    Good luck!
    stopping by to return a visit from the UBP!

  1. ~dab Says:

    Vertical is good, so is under-the-bed storage. Get a set of bed risers, it'll give you more space.

    For the cords, get some zip ties or even twist ties (although zip ties are sturdier). Wind the unused section of cord around your fingers (however large you want the loops) to keep them neat and tidy.

  1. Melanie Says:

    giving away things is usually my first go to when trying to clear clutter. I would also suggest if you have an IKEA near you to check out the corner desks, etc. They have some really good space saving ideas.