Christmas is coming!

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I know what you think when you see that title......we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, what's the rush? Let me tell you! When it comes to saving money, it is never to early to start thinking and planning!! Money is going to be tight this year(as usual) so I am already thinking ahead.

What are some of your ways to save money during the holiday season? Here are a few of mine:

Black Friday!! - No, don't just go out and buy "stuff" because it's on sale. Scout out the ads weeks ahead of time and make a game plan! Find the things you REALLY want or need and make a list. Stick to it!!

Buy ahead of time and watch sales! - Just about everything goes on sale at some point. If you buy it now, you are guaranteed not to miss out, then just watch for sales over the next few months. Take your receipt in and get a price adjustment or simply return and rebuy! If it's at a different store, see if they will match the ad. You don't know until you ask! Be sure to keep that holiday spirit rolling to have the best luck ;)

Layaway -  I don't use this one a lot myself, I go for the buy and watch for sales, but if you do layaway, be sure to watch for those sales!! Some stores will let you price adjust the item or you could always buy the item and then return the one in layaway once it's paid for.

Have any more to share? Let us know!!

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